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Working to preserve and encourage equine activities in the town of Pepperell.

For more information about our organization, click on "Who We Are"   Questions and other general correspondence may be sent to info@phoa.info

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Upcoming Meetings

Date:      Tuesday, May 30
Time:      7:30  PM
Location:   Pepperell Community Center:  Lower level
Annual Meeting and elections.

Speaker:  Ken Hartlage, Nashoba Conservation Trust
Check the Events page for more information.

To all Equestrians Riding in Nissitissit Meadows

Please keep to the perimeter and do not gallop across the meadows.  The field is hayed during the summer and fall, and the gopher holes make it dangerous.

Sadly, there have been problems this spring with riders galloping on the Nissitissit Meadows when the ground is soft, digging up the turf and causing damage. When conditions are soft and muddy, please stay off the fields, or stay to a walk. This applies to all trails: if your horse is leaving deep hoof prints and throwing up divots, you are going too fast! Hollis closed their trails completely to horses during mud season; please ride responsibly! 

Hollis Area Riding Trails
Silver Lake, Beaver Brook, Town Forrest
“Have you heard of the hubbub about poop on the trails?  People who walk them have been complaining.

Do you ride in Hollis from time to time, at Silver Lake, Beaver Brook, or their Town Forest?  Hollis Area Equestrians has issued a plea for occasional help in keeping the trails clean. We all know it’s re-cycled grass and carries no pathogens transmissible to humans, but for most of the public, it’s just the YUK! factor.  

The HAE is asking all people who ride the trails to make sure they pick up any poop in the parking areas and take it with them, or at least toss it into the bushes. And then, once a month or so, walk the trails with a pitchfork and pitch the poop into the bushes. If we have enough people cleaning the trails regularly, they won't have any excuse to close them to us, or start talking stupid about requiring equine diapers. So if you ever notice a lot of poop out there, make plans to go for a little walk. It's kinda fun! But it is very necessary that we get along with everyone who uses the trails.

Please forward this info to any one you know who uses the trails. The HAE will be spearheading the drive to clean the trails, particularly in the Town Forest, but we will appreciate any help that any one can give us. If you’d like to help out with “Poop Patrol” fromtime to time, contact Harriet Frank [mailto:pixfrank77@gmail.com] Thanks! 

Manure / Stable Guidelines adopted by the Pepperell Board of Health

Thirteen years ago, PHOA was formed to counter the perceived threat of horse-keeping regulations proposed by the Board of Health. This year, regulations were mandated because of state requirements that towns over a certain population had to have some rules for the keeping of horses, ponies, and other “non-pet” animals. Our Animal Health Inspector, Robin Hebert, drew up some guidelines, got additional input from the PHOA Board, and they were passed by the Board of Health in April.  

The guidelines were presented at the PHOA meeting on April 25.   Robin was able to propose reasonable, common-sense guidelines that will not unduly burden the horse- owning community in Pepperell. The guidelines are published on our web site.  Click on the link "Pepperell Stable Guidelin" in the menu above, or here.

2017 Annual PHOA/NEHT Fall Frolic Trail Ride

Date:         TBD, October 2017

Place:        Nissitissit Meadows on Prescott Street  

This is Pepperell conservation land.  Be sure to clean up your trailer area afterwards and leave the Meadows sparkling!.   

We can't do it without volunteers to check and clear trails, set up, tear down, provide food, help with registration and parking and a hundred other things that go into running a trail ride event.  If you are interested in helping out with this year's ride, please check out the Trail Ride Volunteer's page on our web site.

As planning gets underway, we will be updating the Trail Ride Information page and the Events page.  Watch this space!

Entry Fee:  TBD PHOA Members   
              TBD non-members

Contact:  Sharon Ofenstein:  978-433-3120 or ofensteinsko@gmail.com 

Check out the PHOA Trail Ride page for more information and the entry form.


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Board of Directors for 2016

President:          Judy Lorimer
Vice President:  Deb Hamilton
Secretary:         Sharon Ofenstein
Treasurer:         Randy Prozeller    
Board Member: Kathy Mecurio
                          Kerry Parker
                          Karen Amiot
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Check back often for new information. In the meantime, feel free to explore our site and learn more about us.