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Working to preserve and encourage equine activities in the town of Pepperell.

For more information about our organization, click on "Who We Are"   Questions and other general correspondence may be sent to info@phoa.info

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Upcoming Meetings

Fall Meeting
Date:      TBD
Time:      7:00  PM
Location:   TBD
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Sunday Hunting - it's ba-a-ck!
Not content with being able to hunt Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday,  hunters have filed a number of bills in the Massachusetts House and Senate that would allow hunting on Sundays. If you think that other outdoor recreational users  have the right to use the great outdoors just ONE DAY A WEEK during the fall  without having to worry about getting shot at, you need to contact your state senators and representatives  and demand that they keep the present ban on Sunday hunting. 

While most sportsmen are responsible people, there are plenty of idiots out there. A Connecticut friend’s beautiful Arabian mare was killed in her pasture. How anyone can mistake a 1,000-pound horse for a 200-pound deer is beyond me. During bow-hunting season one year,  I nearly got dumped because a bow hunter in camouflage was crouched beside the trail, bow drawn - apparently they don’t have to wear blaze orange....I didn’t know he was there, but fortunately  the horse did!

Our State Senator is Eileen M.Donoghue,  Eileen.donoghue@masenate.gov 617-722-1630.  The Senate bills are S.415, S 424, and  S. 429. 
Our Representative is Sheila Harrington,  Sheila.Harrington@mahouse.gov  617- 722- 2305  The House  bills are  H. 1573, H. 672, H. 762, H. 3236, and H. 3239.

Please write or call to register your opposition to any bill that would allow Sunday hunting.  Here is a sample letter:

Dear Senator or Representative, 
Pepperell has  an extensive  network of beautiful trails, which the majority of our members  enjoy riding regularly -- except during hunting season. Although some trails  are posted as No Hunting areas, many others are open to hunting, and it is not always clear which areas are safe to use and which are not.  Wearing blaze orange is not a 100%  guarantee of safety, given the fact that hunters still occasionally manage to shoot each other.  Many of our members completely avoid riding the trails during hunting season, except for Sundays, when hunting is currently banned.

Now the hunters want to take away the one day a week when we can ride with safety. Hunters  already have the other 6 days of the week to enjoy their sport; meanwhile the rest of the population - riders, hikers, birdwatchers, people walking their dogs - are limited to Sundays. If these bills pass, the rest of us will have our  enjoyment  of the outdoors curtailed even further.   The Senate bills are S.415, S 424, and  S. 429. The House  bills are  H. 1573, H. 672, H. 762, H. 3236, and H. 3239.  Please vote NO on any bill that would allow hunting in Massachusetts on Sundays.


Natural Gas Pipeline:  Could be One-Half Mile From Your Home!

Do you realize that the proposed Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company/Kinder Morgan pipeline could be going about a half a mile from your home? It’s known as the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Expansion Project.

It is! This can not happen! It would be a death sentence for our neighborhood, our quality of life as we know it now will be non-existent and for some the safety of our children will be jeopardized.  

PHOA members Cindy and Robert McDermott put together information about the gas pipeline that is proposed to go through northern Mass and southern NH. Itʼs a long article but well worth reading, and also worth your time and energy to mobilize and fight this ill-conceived project. 

Click here or on the "Gas Pipeline Info" link at the top of this page to read this article and find out why the pipeline cannot happen and what you can do to join the fight against it.

Area Events 

We will post all area equine events - Not just Trail Rides.  Email the information two months in advance, if possible, to info@phoa.info.

June 6:  Open House at Horse N Hound Physical Therapy's New Location (288 South Merrimack Rd, Hollis NH.

NEHT Trail Rides:

Check out the Events page for upcoming NEHT rides.

2015 PHOA/NEHT Trail Ride 

Date:         Tentative:  Sunday, October 18, 2015 

Place:        TBA    

Entry Fee:     TBA

 Our 2014 Trail Ride was a big success - 70 riders enjoyed the trails, the food, and the companionship of other riders!  Many, many thanks to Orintha and Phil Silva for letting us use Ten Broeck Farm as the base.  

Bette Eldredge, our photographer, took pictures of all riders.  You may order copies at $5 each.  To check out the pictures, click here.   To order or if you have questions, contact Bette at beldrege1@comcast.net or call at 978-597-2084.  

We're already planning on how to make next year's ride even better!  If you're interested in joining the Trail Ride Planning Commmittee, check out the Trail Ride Volunteers Page for what's needed.

Check out the PHOA Trail Ride page for more information.


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Board of Directors for 2011

President:          Judy Lorimer
Vice President:  Deb Hamilton
Secretary:         Sharon Ofenstein
Treasurer:         Randy Prozeller    
Board Member:  Janet Maranz
                          Kerry Parker
                          Karen Amiot
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Check back often for new information. In the meantime, feel free to explore our site and learn more about us.