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Working to preserve and encourage equine activities in the town of Pepperell.

For more information about our organization, click on "Who We Are"   Questions and other general correspondence may be sent to info@phoa.info

Check out the Thank You page for contributers to our club activities.

Upcoming Meetings

    Early Spring Meeting
Date:      Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Time:      7:00  PM
Location:   Pepperell Community Center
Speaker:   Dave Riberio, Equine Dentist:  Equine Dental Care and Its Importance for Your Horse
             Dave's web site:  fromthehorsesmouthne.com

2013 Versatility Series Comes to Pepperell

      Dates:        2013 SEASON IS OVER - Watch This Space for the 2014 Season

WE NEED One or Two People to Coordinate our Series.

Our former coordinator can no longer do it.  If we can't get

someone to coordinate, we will not be able to hold the Versatility.  Please consider helping.  Contact Sharon Offenstein, Judy Lorimer, or Kathy Mecurio to find out more.

      Location:    Ten Broeck Farm, Prescott St. Pepperell, MA
      Time:        Around Noon - If we get many riders, it may start earlier.
      Cost:        $25 first run, $10 for each subsequent run, PHOA and 4H Member
                    PHOA and 4H members receive a $5 discount.
Volunteer to set up, assist at registration, or clean up - take a free run! **

      Check out our Versatility Challenge page for more information about this great series of events.  Note - preregistration is required.  Download the registration form from the Versatility Challenge page.

Volunteers are urgently needed to help at the events.  The work is not hard, and even if you have only an hour or two to spare, we need you!  This popular event is a great fund-raiser for the club.  Come on out and help support it.  Check out the Versatility Challenge Page for a description of the jobs needed.  We also need someone to coordinate half of the Challenge events in 2013.  If we cannot find a volunteer, we will have to cancel half of the Challenges next season!  Contact Kathy Mecurio to volunteer.

2014 PHOA/NEHT Trail Ride 

Date:         October 2014 - to be announced


Entry Fee:   

Our 2013 ride was a success, even with the lousy weather.  Our trail committed did a fantastic job clearing, marking and demarking the 6/12/16 mile loops.  
We're looking forward to next year's ride!  More volunteers are always needed to help prepare for the ride and to work on the day of the ride.  Even if you have only an hour or two to spare, we need you!  Check out the Trail Ride Volunteers Page for what's needed.

Check out the PHOA Trail Ride page for more information.


Be sure to check out the Events and Classified  pages!  Members can post ads for free, non-members for $2.00 for 3 months.  Ads posted on the web and in the newsletter.  Details on the Classified page.

Area Events 

Versatility Competition

Date:       Sunday, March 16
Location:   Forest Glen Farm, Hancock, NH
Time:       Course walkthru - 10:45, Event starts: 11:00
ONLY 30 riders accepted.  Register by emailing Helle Goodrich (info@forestglenfarmnh.com) or by calling 603-525-3155 (farm) or 603-547-7638 (cell)

Littleton Horse Owners March Madness Pot-luck party
Date:  Saturday, March 22
Place:  The home of Dawn Maggio, 3 Grady Drive, Chelmsford, MA
Members of PHOA and LHOA are invited.  Bring a pot-luck dish, salad or desert and swap horse talk for the evening.

Equine Stifle Dysfunction Clinic
Date:  Saturday, April 12
Place:  Brookline, NH,  9-4:30
4 horse slots available at $150/slot, auditors at $60.
Contact info@hnhpt.com or call 603-816-4444 to register.  Negative coggins required for entered horses.

Hollis Equestrians Tack Sale
Date:  Sunday April 6, 8am-1pm
Place:  Pepperell, MA Community Center (intersection of 111/113)
Vendor tables available by reservation:  $15 each.
Contact Sharon at 978-433-3120 or skofenstein@charter.net

Essex County Trail Association Equine Expo/Paraphernalia Sale
Date:  Saturday, April 26, 9am-3pm
Place:  Arena Building, Topsfield Fairgrounds, Rte 1, Topsfield, MA
Free parking, for more information:  Kay, 978-768-6275, or Sue, 978-468-7715, or email kljoreo@aol.com.

Littleton Horse Owners Assc. Spring Ride:
Date:  Sunday, April 27th
Place:  Great Brook State Park, Carlisle, MA
Sign in:  8:30 AM.  Contact Ann Lawrence, 978-486-3874 or 978-760-3320 or alawrence44@hotmail.com.

New England Stallion Show and Offspring Sale!
Date:  Saturday, March 29, 2014
Time:  9am to 5pm
Place:  Ten Broeck Farm, 1 Old Farm Lane (49 Prescott St), Pepperell, MA
All Disciplines and stallions welcome ---  www.nestallionshow.com

For New England trail rides, check out New England Horse and Trails web site for a complete list.

Check the Events page for more details.

Attention!! Manchester (NH) Water Works Trying to Ban Horses from their trails.

The Manchester Water Works (MWW) is trying to ban horses from their 8,000 acres of  really beautiful trails, except for organized rides by non-profit groups.  The Derry Trail Riders have often run rides in the Lake Massabesic area.  

There is a public hearing at the Manchester Library on 405 Pine St. in MAnchester, at 5.00 P.M. on Thursday, March 20th. 

We need as many people there to support the horse community as possible.  The officials at MWW are trying to link "increased horse traffic" (which they have not satisfactorily documented) to fears of increased counts of Giardia and Cryptosporidium in the water supply -- it is not clear if these increased counts actually exist.  Even if they did, it is far more likely that the wild animals that inhabit the watershed area are the source of these pathogens. Water-dwelling mammals like beaver and muskrats are documented sources of Giardia, which is often nicknamed "Beaver Fever".  Beaver populations are increasing all over the northeast, as are populations of other wild animals like coyotes, fisher, deer, moose, bears, etc. All animals, including humans, can carry Giardia. Domestic dogs and cats can also carry these pathogens.  

Giardia infections in horses are rare - 2 in 300 horses. Cryptosporidium is even less common - 1 in 300 horses.   Dogs allowed to roam off-leash and swim in the streams and ponds can contaminate the water supply as well.   Horses stay on the trails, where there is a more than adequate vegetative  buffer zone to keep bacteria from  migrating into the water.  Wild animals go  where they want. They live (and poop)  in or near the water 24/7, whereas horses may be there for a couple of hours a few times a week. The MWW reasoning is flawed.  Please come to the meeting on the 20th if you can, and tell them so.


Board of Directors for 2011

President:          Sharon Ofenstein
Vice President:  Judy Lorimer
Secretary:         Deb Hamilton
Treasurer:         Sue Syme   
Board Member:  Janet Maranz
                          Kerry Parker
                          Kathy Mecurio
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Check back often for new information. In the meantime, feel free to explore our site and learn more about us.