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Working to preserve and encourage equine activities in the town of Pepperell.

For more information about our organization, click on "Who We Are"   Questions and other general correspondence may be sent to info@phoa.info

Check out the Thank You page for contributers to our club activities.

Pepperell's 10 year master plan is currently being developed.  PHOA members will be attending the monthly meetings and urge any concerned horseowners to join us.

Upcoming Meetings

PHOA Board Meeting -   All PHOA members are welcome to attend.
    Date:          TBA
  All PHOA members are welcome.
PHOA Summer Meeting 
    Date:         TBA
Pepperell Master Planning Committee Meeting
    Date:         Need to check with the Town Clerk - Generally the 2nd Thursday of each month. 
    Time:         6:30  PM
    Location:   Update Needed

We urge all PHOA memebers to attend the Pepperell Master Planning Commission meetings.  We should be concernted about the impact it will have on future equine activity in the town.  

Check the Events page for more information.

Larry Poulin Clinics at Bantry Bay Farm
Dressage and Driving
Monthly June through November
See Events page for dates and contact information.


2018 Annual PHOA/NEHT Fall Frolic Trail Ride

Date:         Sunday, November 4, 2018

Place:        TBD - Nissitissit Meadows on Prescott Street    

We can't do it without volunteers to check and clear trails, set up, tear down, provide food, help with registration and parking and a hundred other things that go into running a trail ride event.  If you are interested in helping out with this year's ride, please check out the Trail Ride Volunteer's page on our web site.

Closer to the event, check out the PHOA Trail Ride page for more information and the entry form.  

Contact:  Judy Lorimer, (978) 433-2384, jmlorimer@verizon.net   


Be sure to check out the Events and Classified  pages!  Members can post ads for free, non-members for $2.00 for 3 months.  Ads posted on the web and in the newsletter.  Details on the Classified page.

To all Equestrians Riding in Pepperell Nissitissit Meadows

** Please **

Keep to the perimeter and do not gallop across the meadows.  

The field is a ground nesting site for birds and hayed during the summer and fall.   And the gopher holes make it dangerous.

When the ground is soft, especially in Spring mud season, please keep to a walk.  This photo, taken in February, 2018, shows the huge divots left even by a walking horse.

Riders galloping on the Nissitissit Meadows when the ground is soft dig up the turf and cause damage.  

This applies to all trails: if your horse is leaving deep hoof prints and throwing up divots, you are going too fast! Hollis closed their trails completely to horses during mud season; please ride responsibly! 


Board of Directors for 2017

President:          Sharon Ofenstein
Vice President:  Kerry Parker
Secretary:         Deb Hamilton
Treasurer:         Judy Lorimer    
Board Member: Kathy Mecurio
                          Constance Bernhardt
                          Karen Amiot Simmons
                          Janet Marantz

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Check back often for new information. In the meantime, feel free to explore our site and learn more about us.